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All of the bits that make the Battle Warships game hum.

What is Battle WarshipsEdit

The game Battle Warships is currently in Beta and running on Android and iOS. In this game you control a fleet of warships. led by an aircraft carrier. You grow your base in an effort to build your fleet.

Vehicles Edit

There are three different types of vehicles, aircraft carriers, aircraft and warships. Aircraft are broken down into Helicopters, Fighters and Bombers. Warships are broken down into Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers.

  1. Aircraft Carriers
  2. Aircraft
    1. Helicopters
    2. Fighters
    3. Bombers
  3. Warships
    1. Battleships
    2. Cruisers
    3. Destroyers


There are 4 types of events in Battle Warships:

  1. Urgent Events
  2. Individual Events
  3. Alliance Events
  4. Multiverse PVP Events

Psionic Zone Edit

There are 5 psionic zones in Battle Warship

  1. Pirate Jail
  2. Repair Workshop
  3. City Bar
  4. Military Academy
  5. Technology Center
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